Michelle Vest, LPC

What we can offer:

Solutions is compassionate counseling to help you with what you are going through.:


  • Help for life's transitions or unexpected challenges

  • Short-term, solution focused resolution of issues

  • Extended support for more chronic stressors or conditions

  • initial evaluations to determine individual needs

  • Development of individual plans to address your specific needs

  • More specialized care for treatment of other mental health needs

  • Sensory sensitive environment for those dealing with Sensory Processing issues

Who should contact us:

anyone dealing with :

  • difficulty coping with life stressors

  • grief

  • a history of trauma

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • difficulty in relationships

  • trouble coping with ADHD or ASD

  • or contact us to discuss your specific concerns

Providing You with Quality, Affordable Personal Counseling Services,

The Solution Starts with You!